College Football ABC’s (part 2)

N is for Notre Dame‘s schedule.  After this season, Notre Dame is sort of, kind of, in a way, joining the ACC.  So longtime rivals like Michigan are getting dropped from the future schedules.

O is for Oregon.  Who might have the best shot of ending the SEC’s national title streak.

P is for Penn State.  Penn State, Miami, Northwestern…these teams are having surprisingly good seasons.

Q is for Quarterback.  Between Johnny Manziel, Tajh Boyd, Teddy Bridgewater, Bryce Petty, Marcus Mariota, Aaron Murray, AJ McCarron, we have one of the best quarterback groups in recent memory.

R is for Ralphie.  The coolest on field animal mascot in college football.

S is for Stanford.  If Oregon doesn’t do it, the Cardinal might.

T is for The Eyes of Texas.  Yes, it’s a song that’s sung after every longhorn game, but I’m reffing to the eyes across the state.  And they are all on Mack Brown.  Is this his last year?  Will they rebound and win the Big XII?  We’ll all find out together.

U is for USC.  The one in the east (University of South Carolina) may have the top pick and the draft and may play for the national title.  The one in the west (University of Southern California) almost lost to Utah State last week and will be looking for a new coach in the off season.

V is for Virginia Tech’s helmets against Georgia Tech.  Do yourself a favor and see them here.

W is for Wofford.  Wofford is the only team (through three games) to hold Baylor under 70 points in the Bears 69-3 victory.

X is for Xavier.  Look, this is harder than you think 😉

Y is for Yell.  Midnight yell, specifically.  The Aggies drew their largest midnight yell crowd ever before the Alabama game.  If you’ve never been, it’s an experience that cannot be put into words.

Z is for Zebras.  The officials have had a rough early season (Arizona State versus Wisconsin, for example).  Let’s hope they return to anonymity soon.

* Opinions, all of them belong to Dustin


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